Wednesday Witness: Apathy

Dear Reader,

Thank you for that exceptionally long nap. I really enjoyed the four months I spent in an apathetic state. I find it ironic that the series I was beginning was following the theme Being Ready. The Lord obviously had something to teach me first as I clearly wasn’t ready yet to write about resisting apathy and preparing your mind for the Lord’s return.

I’m writing this in the spur of a moment – not the typical “prepare-all-week-read-Bible-to-find-that-perfect-verse-write-it-days-in-advance” type blog post.

Honestly I have no idea any more where this theme is going, which must mean I’m in the right place. Having no clue what you’re doing is a great way to give all control over to God and let him use you.

Thank you all dear readers (the two that I had anyway) for your patience as I refocus.

Yours in Christ,

The Wednesday Witness

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