Monday Minute: How’s My Rudder?

Here’s a good question to ask ourselves from time to time: How is my rudder doing?

A ship’s rudder is one of the most important pieces of equipment on the ship. If it breaks, it is nearly impossible to keep the ship n course, and everything basically stops until the rudder is repaired. The mighty Titanic had a flaw: its rudder was too small, and that may have contributed to the collision that sent the ship to the bottom.

But a rudder is itself useless if the ship is not moving forward.

Not long ago, a ship hauling heavy fuel oil lost power off the coast of England, and was adrift, heading for a rocky shoals which served as a habitat for sea birds. For nearly a week, the news would report where the ship was, because storm winds were driving the ship towards certain doom – for it, and for the birds. In this case the rudder was fine, but it wasn’t moving on its own power, so it couldn’t do its job.

Christians are like that, also.

Some lack a sufficient rudder. In Psalms 32:8, the psalmist writes that God will teach us where we should go, and even guide us. But if we do not read His word and pray regularly, then how are we to develop a sufficient rudder? We will run through our lives blown by this whim or that, ignoring the advice of Solomon in Proverbs 3:5&6, and lean on our own understandings rather than letting Him direct our paths.

But, reading and praying is only half the formula. Just like a ship, in order to be steered, we need to GO. Jesus, before he left instructed his followers to seek out and make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). Pastor Roy spoke of us being images of Christ in our community. We cannot do that if we are not out spreading the good news of the gospel and not being an example fo Christian love among our neighbors and our community. Moses, Abraham, Joshua, David, Phillip, Paul, and Peter are all examples of how God can use us once we are in motion for Him.

So how about it?   How IS our rudder?  Are we keeping our rudder in good shape, and are we in motion for God so that we can use it?

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