M3: Men Mentoring Men

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. ”
John C. Crosby

While a lot of what comes from politicians is not often worth repeating, this quote from Crosby is spot on: Mentoring works, and is often a vital part of effective growth.

That is what Men Mentoring Men, or M3, is all about: Growth.  We have young men who are growing into men, and growing spiritually into maturity as well.  Our hope for M3 is that it will provide a platform to foster an environment where young men can benefit from the knowledge and experience of older Christian men, providing them with the brains to pick, the voices to listen to, and prods in the right direction.

This all starts with “Kingdom. Power. Glory.”  Structured around the Lord’s Prayer, this study will help facilitate the mentoring of young Christian men, and provide tools for older men to develop as well.

The study begins on January 18th.  Come Join us!


More information: https://thelegacyinstitute.com/Resources/KingdomPowerGlory


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