Our Staff

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100Pastor Roy & Shirley Peacock

Phone: 425-222-5573

Email: PastorRoyP@gmail.com

What I love about being the pastor of RRCC:

I love being able to represent Jesus to our church body and community, and helping people to grow deepLaurene & Noaher and more impactful in their relationship with Jesus.

Youth Leaders:  Laurene & Noah Foreman

Laurene’s Phone: (425) 394-3541 Email: laureneperkins@hotmail.com

Noah’s Phone: (425) 894-2139

Email: Skookummaxx01@gmail.com

Noah & Laurene Foreman are excited to be serving the Preston community.  They’re dedicated to creating an environment where youth can come to hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Laurene is a Preston local who has been working with the youth at Raging River Community Church for over five years. It is at the youth group where she met her husband, Noah Foreman. Laurene and Noah were married last year and the two now lead The Underground Church Youth Group together. Laurene has a passion for working with people and currently works full time at Sunrise Senior Living of Issaquah as a Caregiver. In her free time, she loves to crochet, paint, plan wild events for the youth group, and play video games with her husband. 

Noah hails from Fall City, but now resides in Preston since his recent nuptials to Laurene. Noah attended the Underground Church Youth Group for years before meeting Laurene. Shortly after Laurene started helping lead the group, Noah came on as a student leader. Last year he began leading full time with Laurene. Noah is currently attending Bellevue College and works full time at Home Depot in the plumbing department. He enjoys reading history books, listening to history podcasts, learning the ins and outs of plumbing, and beating his wife at video games. 

Laurene– What I love about leading the youth group:

My favorite thing about the youth group is the teens. They are the most creative and generous group I’ve ever met!

Noah– What I love about leading the youth group:

I love seeing how the teens have grown in life and living in a godly manner. Seeing them grow has inspired me to a live a better life as well.

webpic JillAdministrative Assistant & Bookkeeper:

Jill Stewart

Phone: 425-222-5573

Email: ragingriverchurch@gmail.com

What I love about working in the R2C2  office:

All the reminders of God throughout the workday– seeing the cross in the worship center as I enter, sending checks for outreach ministries, putting the Scripture in the bulletin, etc. Also, I love that each thing I do directly serves the church.